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Breast Reconstruction

With the enhanced techniques in early detection of breast cancer throughout the United States, many women find that they are candidates for lumpectomy and radiation instead of mastectomy. Nevertheless, some women still find that their breast cancer may require mastectomy, as determined by their oncologist and surgeon. For those women, breast reconstruction surgery may be an option both in the immediate setting at the time of mastectomy, or subsequently several months later. Breast reconstruction improves many women’s quality of life by restoring a sense of balance and symmetry, allowing a woman to shed her need for an external prosthesis, and heightening both self-esteem and confidence.

Today there are more breast implant options than ever before. Implants can be textured or smooth, round, or anatomic, saline filled or silicone gel filled, and are available in all sizes, shapes, and degrees of projection to accommodate each woman’s unique anatomy, needs, and desires for enhancement. Anatomic or shaped implants have a textured surface to help achieve better stability within the breast to avoid unwanted shifting or movement. This type of implant might be useful in breast reconstruction, or for the woman who has a greater need for shape in her own breast. A smooth round implant is the most popular choice for many women since it will move slightly with a woman’s breast, more accurately resembling the natural breast.

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from WLTX-TV, Columbia – November 19, 2010

Breast Reconstruction Techniques

Breast reconstruction surgery is usually performed in stages and can span across a period of several months. There are two categories of reconstruction: implant-based reconstruction and reconstruction using the patient’s own tissue. There are many factors and variables to consider in deciding whether to use one’s own tissue to reconstruct breasts or utilize breast implants.

Contact Plastic Surgery of the Carolinas

At our office in Charleston, Dr. Ram Kalus formulates individualized treatment plans for each of his patients. To discuss a breast reconstruction strategy that includes breast implant selection, please contact Plastic Surgery of the Carolinas today.

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