Mentor® Feel the Difference Breast Implant Exchange Campaign

Receive a $250 American Express Gift Card from Mentor® for Upgrading Your Saline Breast Implants to Silicone
For many women who have had breast augmentation surgery, silicone implants offer a more natural feel and appearance than saline breast implants. And for women who have already had breast enlargement with saline implants, Mentor®, one of the largest and most reputable breast implant manufacturers in the world, is offering an incentive to make the switch from saline to silicone. Dr. Ram Kalus is participating in Mentor®’s Feel the Difference campaign, which offers a $250 American Express gift card to women who decide to make the switch from saline to silicone breast implants. Patients can use the gift card for anything they wish. The MemoryGel® silicone breast implant from Mentor® is FDA-approved and is a popular choice for women who want to increase the volume and fullness of their breasts with natural-looking results.

The Feel the Difference campaign is designed only for women who have already had breast augmentation with saline implants and would like to upgrade them to silicone. Along with a $250 American Express gift card, patients who make the exchange will receive an additional $50 gift card for each friend they refer to the program.

The special offer ends September 30, 2012 and patients will receive their card once the procedure is complete.

For more information on Mentor®’s Feel the Difference campaign, contact Dr. Kalus today.

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