Male Eyelid and Brow Surgery

This is one of the most common aesthetic procedures requested by men to help correct the hooding over the eyes that can contribute to not only a tired appearance, but also actually block light and vision from the overhanging upper eyelid skin. Most critical in performing rejuvenation eyelid surgery in the male patient is to avoid a perfectly smooth and wrinkle free appearance that might feminize. Considered a top plastic surgeon in South Carolina, Dr. Ram Kalus is particularly attentive to making certain that the improvement is significant, yet still leaves the patient with an “unoperated” appearance.

Male Brow Lift

The brow lift in the male patient is distinctly different than in women. Too high a brow in a man can easily feminize the appearance and give an unnatural and fake look. This is something we avoid at all costs. In the severe sagging or drooping of the brow, which can often be accompanied by heavy eyelids as well. We therefore make every effort to carefully assess the brow and eyelids both together and separately. If a brow lift is indicated, this can be performed wither through a small natural crease incision in the lateral forehead, or in the scalp.

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