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Patient Testimonials Breast Reconstruction Patient Testimonials

Breast Reconstruction Patient Testimonials

“Dear Dr. Kalus,
I just wanted to mention that you are taking excellent care of me!!! My whole family and I agree that deciding to go with you to complete the reconstruction was absolutely the perfect fit for my needs. You have been so patient and kind!!!! THANK YOU SO MUCH for everything!!!!! We are truly grateful!!

I’ve never had another physician treat me with such kindness. Usually, I am just a number in their assembly line of patients. You shine far above all the rest because I believe you really do care about every single patient that you have!!”
-D.S., Mount Pleasant, SC*


“Dear Dr. Kalus,
As you know, I have been under your care for ten years due to my breast cancer.
I would like to thank you for the outstanding care I have received during all my hospitalizations and post care. Your bedside manner, plastic surgery/medical expertise dedication to me as a patient and your profession, are without a doubt the best I have ever known. I can honestly say that without your constant commitment to me, I would not be writing this letter today. You have the ability to put a patient at ease and therefore I have always trusted you.

In addition, you have managed to put together the best staff in any office in Columbia. They are always willing to answer medical questions, insurance, procedures, etc. I commend you for your efforts.
Please feel free to give my name to any prospective patient as a referral.
My best regards and future success to you and everyone on your staff.”
H.H., Columbia, SC*


“Dear Dr. Kalus,
As I think back to December 2008, when I was first told I had Stage 1 Breast Cancer, I thought then this is nothing and I will be over this in no time. Little did I know. I was familiar with Cancer in different forms, my sister-in-law died of Breast Cancer in 1993, my Mother died of Colon Cancer in 1994, and my sister died of Lung Cancer in 1995. I felt as if I new the down side of Cancer very well since I was the Care-giver for both my Mother and sister. I saw the results of treatments and new, I wanted no part of them.

I was sent to a surgeon for a surgical biopsy and that was the beginning of many things to go wrong. I could have never imagined what would result from then until now. I had no professional knowledge and didn’t know the right questions to ask, so I just did as I was told, thinking I was certainly ok since this was only a Stage 1.

That biopsy was done in February 2009, and to date I have had 30 Radiation Treatments, a Lumpectomy, a Mastectomy, Surgery for and expander to start reconstruction and of course reconstruction of the Breast. I did learn a lot through this long process and I am thankful for the doctors who specialize in this field.

I soon realized I needed a Breast Cancer Specialist, to do the Mastectomy and I found Dr. Harris H. Parker, lll in Columbia. The difference in the information I received was like night and day. He explained everything that would need to be done to try and correct what radiation had done to me. He also, understood all of my anxieties, highs and lows. I felt for the first time I was in good hands. I listened and still did what was recommended to help myself back to some sort of normalcy.

After the Mastectomy, I was referred to Dr. Ram Kalus for the reconstruction of my breast. I went to him with fear and very little hope, since one plastic surgeon had already refused to help me. When I met Dr. Kalus, he looked at what was left to work with and told me of the damage that had been done, not by the Cancer, but by the Radiation Treatments. I was so afraid he too was not going to be able to help me, but he did not turn me away. He did tell me he would do his best to create a breast that would at least help me to wear my clothes comfortably and feel like a woman again.

He did more than that. Dr. Kalus and his staff was so understanding, they listened, they watched me cry, they always comforted me and let me know that all would soon be over. At first I thought this could go on for the rest of my life, and I didn’t think that would be much longer since I had so many problems with medications and treatments. I can’t express just how alone I deeply felt.

I have a wonderful husband and family who were there through this whole ordeal, but I knew from experience, they had no clue what this had done to me physically and emotionally. But I felt secure with Dr. Kalus leading me to the road of recovery. I’ve had a total of seven (7) surgeries and all that is left to do is tattooing, which if you have had Breast Cancer, you will know what, why and where that is done.

I am now working two jobs and of course, I get tired but from the beginning, I wanted to be able to keep working through this whole process. I had to stop working for fourteen months just because of so many surgeries. So I set my goal as to get back to work as soon as possible. It is good to have a goal and keep pushing towards it through any hard times in life. I thank My Heavenly Father for letting me reach my goal two fold, I thank my family for being there, and I thank Dr. Ram Kalus and his wonderful staff for the professional and personal way they have cared for me over the past two years. What a Blessing!

Ever so greatful!
D.G., Columbia, SC*

PS the tattooing is now done and once again, Dr. Kalus found the best to do that for me. Thank you Susan!!!

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