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How to Get Rid of a Double Chin

Ever wonder whether exercise and dieting are the only options to eliminate your double chin? Maybe in the past you were limited in your ability to improve specific areas of your body without surgery, but now, you have multiple treatment options.

Targeting and reducing the appearance of a double chin may require the use of KYBELLA® and CoolSculpting® treatments. Traditionally, the only option to address a double chin would be liposuction; however, with advanced technology and innovative techniques, our team can offer you a wide variety of options to address your unique needs.


CoolSculpting® technology allows for the reduction of fat cells while avoiding any surgical procedure. This ensures no incisions or cuts will be made to reduce excess fat that has built up over time. Whatever your reason is for wanting to eliminate your double chin, CoolSculpting® technology may be your best solution to do so.

Utilizing cryotherapy technology, CoolSculpting® uses a handheld appliance that can target fat near your chin. Patients should have good skin tone before receiving CoolSculpting®, as the treatment does not address skin laxity. Exposing targeted areas to extremely cold temperatures via the handheld device, fat cells beneath the skin begin to reduce over time. This technique can be applied to a double chin, which can allow for a smoother and slimmer look just beneath your face.


Also used for reducing the appearance of a double chin, KYBELLA® can target excess fat cells through non-surgical injections. Aimed at reducing the overall shape of your double chin, KYBELLA® can also provide an enhanced facial profile with a sleeker look.

The innovative technique of KYBELLA® allows for the reduction of fat cells without surgical procedures and incisions. This process can be quick without any downtime following treatment. If your goal is to increase definition beneath the chin and help sculpt your jawline, KYBELLA® might be your answer.

Contact us today if you believe you could benefit from KYBELLA® or CoolSculpting® treatments. If you do schedule an appointment or consultation, our team will review your goals and your needs and determine your best path forward.

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