Plastic Surgery for Men

Plastic surgery for males continues to grow in popularity as healthy lifestyles and a desire for a more youthful appearance impact men just as they do women. Perhaps the most important distinction between cosmetic surgery for men versus for women is to ensure that the aesthetic enhancement of the male patient preserves a masculine appearance and does not cause “feminization” by making the male patient’s face appear too smooth and wrinkle-free. This critical balance is one that Dr. Ram Kalus pays particular pride and attention in achieving.

The procedures most commonly requested by the younger male patient include chin enhancement surgery, rhinoplasty, correction of gynecomastia (excessive breast tissue) and liposuction, usually of the abdomen and flanks. Not infrequently, liposuction may also be indicated for a fullness of the neck below the chin. In the middle aged or older man, the most commonly performed procedures include rejuvenation of the eyelids, face, and particularly the neck. This may require a complete facelift, or a more limited procedure concentrating on improving primarily the neck.

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