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Plastic Surgery of the Carolinas is considered one of the Southeast's Most Respected Plastic Surgery Practices

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Craig Rowin MD
Ram Kalus MD

Enhancing your look through Plastic Surgery

The goal at Plastic Surgery of the Carolinas is to provide residents of the Carolinas with plastic surgery options that satisfy individualized desires. Our holistic approach encompasses the belief that enhancement through plastic surgery is best when accompanied by a healthy lifestyle.

The patient base of plastic surgeons Craig Rowin, MD and Ram Kalus, MD extends beyond Plastic Surgery of the Carolina’s location in Charleston, and reaches well into other parts of South Carolina and North Carolina. Their reputations and expertise in plastic surgery are well-known throughout the region.

Feel confident that you have arrived at The Correct Destination

Whatever your plastic surgery needs, you will be treated with respect and compassion. At Plastic Surgery of the Carolinas we are proud of our meticulous attention to your individual needs and desires, including the wish for discretion and privacy. Our passion to serve you well is matched by Dr. Craig Rowin’s and Dr. Ram Kalus’ skills in plastic surgery, allowing us to deliver remarkably gratifying results.


Diet and exercise can sometimes be just part of your journey. If you are seeking to transform your body and look as confident as you feel, we offer several body sculpting procedures such as liposuction, abdominoplasty, brachioplasty, and more. Performed alone or in combination as part of a comprehensive Mommy Makeover, these aesthetic treatments can help you achieve the look you have always desired.


Despite a strong dedication to an overall healthy lifestyle, time can take a toll on your appearance. If you are interested in turning back the clock, our practice offers a number of cosmetic procedures that can help restore your youthful beauty. From facelift surgery to breast enhancement to body contouring, Dr. Rowin and Dr. Kalus have the skill and expertise to achieve your rejuvenative goals with exceptionally natural-looking results.


Drs. Rowin and Kalus believe in a natural approach to cosmetic surgery. Whether you are looking to add balance to your figure with a breast enlargement or bring back some fullness to your lips with injectables, Dr. Rowin, Dr. Kalus, and our skilled aestheticians can surgically and/or nonsurgically address your aesthetic concerns in a way that both complements and enhances your natural beauty.

What Size Should I Be?®

Our goal is to assist you in educating yourself about your options

This question is often asked by women considering breast augmentation. Since there is some variability in bra cup sizes women are often unsure about what size would look most attractive for them. While no two women are exactly the same, the most common transition for women seeking breast augmentation is from an A cup to a C cup.

To help you determine which implant might be right for you, please enter your height, weight and bra cup size in our What Size Should I Be® Interactive Photo Gallery. The best specific treatment plan for you will be ultimately determined after a careful evaluation by Dr. Rowin or Dr. Kalus during your consultation.

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We offer all the right tools to Achieve Your Aesthetic Goals

At Plastic Surgery of the Carolinas, we are committed to helping you attain your aesthetic goals in the safest, most effective way possible – and we have all the right tools to do so. As board-certified plastic surgeons, Dr. Rowin and Dr. Kalus are extensively trained and proficient in the latest techniques for a full range of cosmetic surgical procedures, including tummy tuck, breast augmentation, blepharoplasty, and more. In addition, our talented aestheticians have vast experience in using the field’s most advanced laser technologies and non-surgical methods for skin enhancement and rejuvenation. With such an expansive array of treatment options, we can help you find—and employ—the most beneficial approach for your unique needs and desires.

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Patient Reviews

Outstanding Doctor! Compassionate Caring and extremely knowledgeable. Beautiful & very clean office. Staff was outstanding!

KC Fulmer-Sawyer

March 28, 2023


I’m healing great and feeling great. I am so thankful! I finally have the body I dreamed for thanks to Dr. Rowin! Thank you so much Kerstin Felton for recommending me Dr. Rowin. He is honestly the best in the business and gave me the body I exactly asked for! I can’t thank you all enough for your kindness. I love you all!

Gina DelPiano

June 01, 2021

Dr. Rowin and the entire staff are absolutely wonderful. I’ve had several procedures with them and I am very happy with the outcome. They take the time to understand what you want and are detailed in explaining all aspects of what should be done. Highly recommend.

Sonya Barfield Pitt

June 16, 2022

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