Correction of Prominent Ears

Our practice offers otoplasty, which can correct protruding or deformed ears for both children and adults. While ear pinning plastic surgery is typically performed by age 6, adults can have surgery at any age to correct undesirably shaped ears. Plastic surgeon Dr. Ram Kalus can give your ears normal folds and proper angles of protrusion. Otoplasty or corrective ear surgery is a fast, safe, and exceptionally successful procedure for improving both appearance and self-confidence.

During the procedure, the ear cartilage is folded and sutured through a small concealed incision on the back of the ear. The process can take up to two hours to complete both ears. After a few weeks, typical activities can be resumed. To learn more about this confidence-building cosmetic surgery procedure, contact our office to schedule a consultation with Dr. Kalus.

Torn or Split Earlobes

Torn or split ear lobes are a common problem for women. These used to occur when a dangling ear ring would get caught in a telephone cord, and these days might occur to a young mom whose toddler or infant might accidentally grasp it, or in anyone who has worn ear rings that might have been heavier than they should have been.

The repair of split ear lobes is one of the most common procedures Dr. Kalus performs. In fact, ever since Dr. Kalus successfully perfomed bilateral reattachment of ears on a young lady who accidentally had them both cut off, he has had great interest in reconstructive ear surgery both cosmetic, and following skin cancer removal.

This is generally done in the office under local anesthesia and takes about twenty minutes. Unfortunately insurance does not payoff this procedure since it is considered cosmetic.

Did You Know?

Dr. Kalus has performed hundreds of ear surgeries. Click Here to read an article that was written about and emergency ear attachement story that Dr. Kalus performed.

Schedule a Consultation for Ear Surgery

Dr. Kalus can reduce the appearance of prominent ears and repair torn or damaged earlobes with successful results. Please contact Plastic Surgery of the Carolinas for more information, or to schedule a consultation.

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