Correction of Prominent Ears

Our practice offers otoplasty, which can correct protruding or deformed ears for both children and adults. While plastic surgery to correct prominent or misshapen ears is typically performed by age 6, adults can have surgery at any age to correct unfavorably shaped ears. Plastic surgeons Craig Rowin, MD and Ram Kalus, MD can give your ears normal folds and proper angles of protrusion. Otoplasty or corrective ear surgery is generally a short, safe, and exceptionally successful procedure for improving both appearance and self-confidence.

What is Otoplasty?

Otoplasty, often referred to as ear pinning surgery, is a procedure designed to reshape or reposition one or both ears. For children and adults alike, the appearance of asymmetrical, enlarged, deformed, prominent, or protruding ears can be a source of great insecurity. Younger patients, particularly, can experience teasing and a loss of self-confidence as a result of an irregular ear appearance. For this reason, otoplasty is considered a very common pediatric plastic surgery procedure. To address your concerns, otoplasty can employ a number of techniques to modify the ear shape and/or adjust the ears’ projection from the side of the head to achieve greater facial harmony. The surgery can be performed on teens and adults, as well as children over the age of five.

What are the Benefits of Otoplasty?

When performed by a highly-qualified and board-certified plastic surgeon, this procedure can provide the following benefits:

  • Reshaping or repositioning of overly large or misshapen ears
  • Restoration of torn or otherwise damaged earlobes
  • Natural-looking results
  • Enhanced confidence in one’s appearance
  • A recovery period which typically involves minimal downtime and discomfort

Who is a Candidate for Otoplasty?

Potential candidates for otoplasty (boys and girls, men and women) should have fully developed ears, which typically occurs around age five. The surgery can benefit patients who wish to improve the look of:

  • Protruding ears
  • Misshapen, large, or prominent ears
  • Asymmetrical or uneven ears

In general, ear surgery can recontour the prominence of one or both ears to achieve a more aesthetic appearance, often re-creating the missing antihelical fold, or the fold just on the inner edge of the front surface of the ear, commonly absent in prominent ears. Depending on the age of the patient and their insurance company, the procedure can be performed as either a cosmetic or reconstructive surgery. Individuals considering otoplasty should schedule a consultation to be evaluated in person to determine if they are suitable candidates for such surgery.

How is the Otoplasty Procedure Performed?

The specific surgical technique used during otoplasty will depend on your cosmetic goals for the outcome. During the procedure, the ear cartilage is typically folded and sutured through a limited, well-hidden incision made on the back of the ear, along with the possibility of a very small incision in the shadow of the upper curved portion of the anterior ear. Dr. Rowin or Dr. Kalus will then resculpt and reshape the cartilage, and/or pin back the ears to achieve your desired aesthetic. Usually an outpatient procedure performed under general anesthesia, the process can take up to two hours to complete both ears.

What is Recovery from Otoplasty Like?

Following the procedure, a soft bandage is typically worn over the ears for 7-10 days. There may be some bruising or swelling after surgery, but these reactions are to be expected and should dissipate as the healing process progresses. It is normal for the ears to feel tender for a few days after otoplasty. After a few weeks, daily activities can be resumed. Often, it is recommended that patients wear an athletic headband at night for about six weeks after surgery. Our plastic surgeons will provide more detailed recovery information in person, such as when children can expect to return to school and begin athletic activities. To learn more about this confidence-building cosmetic surgery procedure, contact our office to schedule a consultation with Dr. Rowin or Dr. Kalus.

What Can I Expect From My Otoplasty Results?

Most of our patients are very happy with their otoplasty results, which can be immediately noticeable after the surgical dressings are removed. The ears should appear more balanced and proportional. Adults and children alike express gratitude for their newly enhanced, natural-looking ears. Patients can typically enjoy their otoplasty results for a lifetime. For examples of what our surgeons can accomplish during the procedure, we welcome you to explore our otoplasty gallery. Dr. Rowin or Dr. Kalus will also go over in detail what you can expect from the surgery during your consultation.

Are Otoplasty Scars Noticeable?

Our experienced otoplasty surgeons, Dr. Rowin and Dr. Kalus, strive to minimize scarring as much as possible. That said, the otoplasty procedure typically leaves little opportunity for permanent, visible scarring. Most techniques involve incisions made behind the ear or inside the natural creases of the ear, which makes them virtually unnoticeable to other people. Additionally, any marginal scarring should fade over time and become undetectable, provided you carefully follow your personalized aftercare instructions. Dr. Rowin or Dr. Kalus may also recommend high-quality skincare products and lightening creams that can help make residual scarring less visible.

Is Non-Surgical Ear Correction Possible?

At this point in the cosmetic surgery world, otoplasty is the gold standard for repositioning and reshaping the ears. There are no non-surgical alternatives that can currently match the effects of otoplasty. If you are hesitant about surgically addressing your aesthetic concerns, we would like to assure you that otoplasty is considered a very safe and highly effective procedure for patients over the age of five when conducted by an experienced, board-certified surgeon.

How Much Does Otoplasty Cost?

The price of otoplasty varies considerably by geographic region, as well as by the expertise of a given plastic surgeon. Ultimately, your surgery costs will be determined by the details of your personal treatment plan. Our office can provide you with a personalized quote during a consultation.

To help patients receive the enhancement they desire while adhering to any budgetary concerns, our practice works with CareCredit® to make the cost of treatment more manageable. If you have any questions about the cost of otoplasty, please reach out to our practice to speak to a friendly member of our office.

Torn or Split Earlobe Repair

Torn or split earlobes are a common problem for women more than men. While they have traditionally resulted from situations like a dangling earring getting caught in a telephone cord, these days torn earlobes may occur from a toddler or infant accidentally pulling on an earring, or individuals repeatedly wearing large or heavy earrings that end up tearing the earlobes over time.

Repair of split ear lobes is one of the most common procedures our plastic surgeons perform. In fact, ever since Dr. Kalus successfully performed bilateral reattachment of the ears on a young lady who had accidentally had them both cut off, he has had great interest in reconstructive ear surgery— both cosmetic, and following skin cancer removal.

This surgery is performed in the office under local anesthesia and takes about twenty minutes. Unfortunately, insurance does not usually provide coverage for this procedure since it is considered cosmetic.

Did You Know?

Dr. Kalus has performed hundreds of ear surgeries. Click Here to read an article that was written about and emergency ear attachement story that Dr. Kalus performed.

Dr. Rowin and Dr. Kalus can reduce the appearance of prominent ears and repair torn or damaged earlobes, helping you to achieve a more aesthetically-pleasing look with little to no visible scars. Please contact Plastic Surgery of the Carolinas for more information, or to schedule a consultation.

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