Pediatric & Adolescent Plastic Surgery

At Plastic Surgery of the Carolinas, we are committed to your child’s well-being by offering the most commonly requested pediatric plastic surgery services including removing birthmarks (congenital nevi), scar revision, and otoplasty (correction of prominent ears and other ear deformities).

With two sons of his own, Dr. Ram Kalus understands the special needs of children, and our entire staff is dedicated to making your child’s visit as pleasurable as possible. Some common pediatric conditions and our potential treatments are listed below.

Congenital Moles and Birthmarks

Congenital moles and birthmarks, singularly referred to as a “congenital nevus” and more than one as “congenital nevi”, are present at birth and can appear in a variety of sizes, shapes, and colors. Dr. Kalus is familiar with the range of techniques and procedures designed to excise such birthmarks and reconstruct the area, be it the face or the body, with the utmost degree of precision, safety and attention to preserving or restoring a normal and “unoperated” appearance whenever possible.

Misshapen Ears

Misshapen or protruding ears can be a source of embarrassment for children and young adolescents. Dr. Kalus offers otoplasty, also known as “prominent ear correction,” to help your child achieve a normal appearance to the ears and the face.

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Noticeable scarring on prominent areas of your child’s skin can cause them to feel self-conscious about the way others perceive them. Scars may be prominent because of color difference, texture difference, or shadowing due to mismatch of skin edges. Scar revision options from Dr. Kalus include both non-surgical and surgical and range from special topical treatments to injections of specific kinds of medicine, to surgical methods which might include removal, partial removal, or re-orientation of scars, all designed with the intention of reducing the appearance of scarring.

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