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Nothing is more precious than your child. Nevertheless, pregnancy, childbirth, and breast feeding can dramatically affect a woman’s body. Although having a child can be extremely fulfilling, a post-pregnancy body can make some women feel self-conscious and even depressed. Feeling attractive and sexy does not have to be given up as the price for having children. Many new mothers are having Mommy Makeover surgery to counter those effects not reversible through proper lifestyle changes including healthy eating and exercise.

Dr. Ram Kalus creates an individualized Mommy Makeover plan for your body and your busy life. Many plans include breast augmentation, breast lift, tummy tuck and liposuction for a relatively quick transformation but can involve other procedures, as well. Although one thinks of body surgery when one thinks of Mommy Makeovers, your face can also begin to show early signs of aging. A proper skin care regimen may help you achieve a healthier overall complexion. Fine wrinkles around the corners of the mouth and crow’s feet can be corrected with injectables. Sagging eyelids can make you look tired, or that you lack sleep. While both of those things may actually be true you may still benefit from considering a blepharoplasty if those changes are present. You may want to consider a Mommy Makeover if you have:

  • Early signs of aging in your face or eyes
  • Loose or sagging skin
  • Stretch marks
  • Post-pregnancy weight and fatty deposits
  • Misshaped, sagging or flattened breasts
  • Pre-existing cosmetic concerns
*Individual Results May Vary

About the Procedures

Breast augmentation, lift, and reduction procedures may be options for women who want their breasts to return to their pre-pregnancy shape. Because pregnancy may cause a woman’s breasts to sag or increase or decrease in cup size, these procedures can be combined with other fat reduction and lift procedures to shape, contour and enhance the breasts.

Tummy tuck and body lift procedures can eliminate loose and stretched skin and fat deposits that diet and exercise cannot. Tummy tuck surgery, or abdominoplasty, tightens the abdominal muscles and removes excess skin returning your stomach to its toned, pre-pregnancy look. A tummy tuck can also be combined with other body lift procedures, such as arm, thigh and butt lifts, to address more problem areas.

Liposuction can quickly remove stubborn pockets of post-pregnancy fat that will not respond to diet and exercise. New liposuction technology offers less pain and bruising and quicker healing time than ever before.

Dr. Kalus will perform your Mommy Makeover surgery in an accredited surgical facility that serves your specific needs. The length, procedure types, sedation and recovery time will vary depending on your individualized treatment plan.

“My results are very natural – I look like I did before I had my children & could not be more pleased!*”

*Individual Results May Vary

Mommy Makeover Articles

After Pregnancy


Women’s breasts may undergo various changes after pregnancy, whether or not the woman chose to nurse her baby(ies). Sometimes a woman may notice that with pregnancy’s inevitable weight gain, her breasts may have gotten significantly larger and stayed larger. This can be not only a cosmetic concern, but a functional one as well, with resulting back and neck pain or spasm, shoulder bra strap grooving, and even difficulty with finding suitable clothing, not to mention interference with sports and exercise. This can be incredibly discouraging from women. The good news is that breast reduction surgery can often be considered medically necessary by health insurance companies, and therefore be a covered procedure. This can be confirmed after an office evaluation.

More commonly, a woman may notice that her breasts may have gotten smaller in volume after pregnancy, either with or without associated extra sagging or drooping. Sometimes a breast lift (mastopexy) alone may be required, and sometimes a breast augmentation is required to enhance the appearance of the breasts. Occasionally both might be required and this can be accomplished either as one operation or in stages.

Breast enhancement surgery, be it reduction, lift, or augmentation, goes a long way to boost a woman’s confidence and self esteem. Feeling attractive and sexy does not have to be given up as the price for having children.

Abdomen (Tummy)

Just as the breasts may undergo stretching and resultant sagging with pregnancy, this can most certainly happen to a woman’s tummy. Both the skin and underlying musculature will stretch as the baby grows. It is no secret how especially true this can be with twin or triplet pregnancies, which are much more prevalent today because of the remarkable successes of IVF. Sometimes, the skin will return to an acceptable state, but often it can be overstretched and appear unattractive, crinkled instead of smooth, protruding instead of flat, loose instead of tight. This can usually be nicely corrected with an abdominoplasty (tummy tuck).

This will almost always include a tightening of the abdominal musculature, and may include repair of a rectus diastasis (separation of the muscles), or even repair of a ventral or umbilical hernia. In addition, stubborn fat removal via liposuction is also common. All of this will be determined during an office consultation. If a hernia does exist, the hernia repair is usually a covered procedure and may offset some of the costs associated with surgery. If a C-section was performed in delivering your baby, sometimes that scar can heal with a “sunken in” appearance or an unattractive scar. This can be corrected either with an isolated scar revision, or as part of the abdominoplasty procedure.


Although pregnancy may not result in any specific overt changes, one can sometimes see melasma, a condition in which patchy pigmentation can appear on the face and remain. These can be treated with bleaching creams, Retin-A, or IPL treatments. Moreover, because a young Mom can sometimes feel overwhelmed, and be in a constant state of fatigue, this can manifest itself with bags under the eyes, stress lines, frown lines, etc. Part of being a good Mom includes taking care of yourself, and besides eating healthy, trying to exercise regularly, looking the best that you can may also make you feel as good as you can. A proper skin care regimen tailored to accommodate your specific skin type can be recommended by Dr. Kalus. If a little more is required, there may be a roll for BOTOX® Cosmetic, Dysport®, or fillers such as Restylane®, Juvederm®, or Radiesse®.

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