Breast Reconstruction Revision

Breast reconstruction has become so complex with numerous options—such as immediate versus delayed, autologous versus expander/implant or Direct to Implant (DTI)—and not all patients find themselves pleased with their final result. This may simply be due to a less than optimal outcome, complications following surgery (including poor healing), or both. Patients might be unhappy due to asymmetry, discomfort, size, scarring, or some combination of all of the above. Women with implant-based reconstruction might experience tightness or discomfort, even pain and distortion due to capsular contracture – a condition wherein scar tissue develops around their breast implant, be it saline-filled or silicone gel-filled. Many different options are available to address any and all problems that a patient might be encountering after her reconstruction is complete.

Charleston plastic surgeons Ram Kalus, MD and Craig Rowin, MD have extensive experience with all aspects of breast reconstruction, as well as revision breast reconstructive surgery. After a careful review of medical history and a physical examination during an in-depth evaluation, Drs. Kalus and Rowin can determine the best options for improving a patient’s situation based on her specific and unique concerns.

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