Can You Reduce Your Breast Size with Diet and Exercise?

When the pain and uncomfortable symptoms caused by large, heavy breasts place burdens on your daily life, the need for a more manageable breast size can become a medical necessity as much as a cosmetic concern. There are many patients in Charleston, Mount Pleasant, and Summerville who ask our plastic surgeons, Dr. Ram Kalus and Dr. Craig Rowin, whether dieting and “breast exercises” can potentially reduce the weight and volume of their breasts. The answer requires an explanation of what parts of the breasts are actually affected by diet and exercise. 

Breasts are composed of a combination of glandular tissue, fibrous connective tissue, and fatty tissue. We are all aware that a healthy lifestyle consisting of regular exercise and a nutritious diet can help individuals lose weight, but this weight loss is generally only capable of affecting the fatty component of the breasts. That said, there is no way that dieting and exercise can decrease the amount of glandular breast tissue. Chest workouts may be able to firm and strengthen the pectoral muscles, but the anatomical factors that often cause large, pendulous breasts—such as fibrous and glandular breast tissue as well as lax breast skin—are unaffected. The anatomy of the breast is such that it lies entirely on top of the pectoral muscles.

The most effective technique to reduce the breasts is a surgical breast reduction procedure, which can not only alleviate the symptoms of a large breast size, but can also make the breasts more aesthetically proportional to your body frame. Excess skin, breast tissue, and fat are removed simultaneously, allowing patients to enjoy lighter, more comfortable breasts. The procedure includes a minor breast lift, elevating the nipples and areolas, improving the appearance of sagging or drooping, and rejuvenating the overall appearance of the breasts. 

If you are ready to begin enjoying life with a more manageable breast size, please contact Plastic Surgery of the Carolinas for a consultation.

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