Correcting Breast Asymmetry

Women’s breasts are actually more often slightly different than virtually identical, yet when women seek breast enhancement surgery, be it a reduction, breast augmentation, or lift, their plastic surgeon will often point out certain differences that they may not have noticed on their own. In more extreme cases, usually in adolescents, there may be a cup size or more difference between the two breasts, and this is simply due to differences in breast development. The correction can include augmentation, reduction, or lift, depending on the patient’s presentation, and her wishes. For example, if she is happier with the larger breast, the smaller breast might need to be augmented. However, if the larger breast has more sag or droop, it might need to be lifted. In women who are small-breasted but asymmetric, different size implants might be used to achieve optimal symmetry. In women who are large-breasted and asymmetric, an asymmetric breast reduction and lift would be performed to achieve the most even appearance.

Many factors are taken into consideration when evaluating the patient with asymmetric breasts, most importantly listening to the patient to gain an understanding of what concerns her. Both the surgical treatment plan and the timing of surgery are important to consider, since many factors can affect breast shape and size, including age, pregnancy, hormonal influences, weight, skin quality, and genetics.

For more information regarding the correction of asymmetric breasts, please visit our page dedicated to breast asymmetry, or contact Plastic Surgery of the Carolinas at 843-881-3881.

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