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Dear Dr. Kalus,
Thank you for a fabulous breast augmentation. I love it, my husband loves it and my friends can't believe how natural my breasts look. I knew after our initial consultation that you were the best surgeon for me.
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Charleston Plastic Surgeon Reveals Method for Selecting the Right Breast Implants

Ram Kalus, MD of Plastic Surgery of the Carolinas reveals how he helps patients choose the correct implants for their breast augmentation goals. Mount Pleasant, SC — With the vast array of types, shapes, and sizes available, choosing the right implants can be a seemingly overwhelming experience for many women…

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What is Recovery from Breast Augmentation Like?

Following breast augmentation surgery, I ask my patients to wear a comfortable, non-underwire bra for about four weeks, as well as to avoid strenuous activity that might result in implant malposition, swelling, or bleeding. Though often minimal, any potential discomfort can typically be managed with pain medication. Most patients can…

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Selecting the Right Implants for Breast Augmentation

Selecting the right implants for breast augmentation is dependent on a variety of factors unique to every individual. To begin the selection process, I first listen to my patients’ aesthetic goals and try to gain a clear understanding of the outcome they are hoping to achieve. It is critical at…

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Charleston Plastic Surgeon Details Emotional Benefits of Labiaplasty

Dr. Ram Kalus discusses the potential for labiaplasty to enhance patient confidence, as well as the function and aesthetic appearance of the labia. Charleston, SC—One of the most common misconceptions women have about labia redundancy is that it is a rare condition, explains Dr. Ram Kalus, a plastic surgeon in…

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Determining if Labiaplasty Is Right for You

Designed to reduce the appearance of excess labial skin, labiaplasty can often do more than correct a functional concern, such as discomfort during exercise or intercourse, or an aesthetic concern, such as self-consciousness due to visible labia through thin clothing. This procedure can potentially help qualified candidates regain a sense…

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Comfortable in Your Skin: Benefits of Labiaplasty

Many women feel self-conscious about discussing their reproductive and sexual health, even with doctors. They may be worried that they’re abnormal or alone in having a specific concern; however, the majority of perceived issues are conditions numerous women experience. One example is labial hypertrophy, which refers to excess skin of…

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Charleston Plastic Surgeon Customizes Rhinoplasty for Improved Function and Aesthetics

By taking into account facial proportions and ethnicities, Dr. Ram Kalus achieves natural looking rhinoplasty results that complement each patient’s unique facial features. Charleston, SC – Commonly referred to as a “nose job,” rhinoplasty surgery can be used to alter the nose to correct breathing impairments and improve airflow. Additionally,…

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How to Approach Ethnic Rhinoplasty

When approaching any rhinoplasty surgery, both function and aesthetics always need to be considered. First and foremost, our patients at Plastic Surgery of the Carolinas are questioned about breathing difficulties, history of trauma, severe allergies, or frequent sinus headaches. When discussing aesthetic concerns, it is critical for the patient to…

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Open Vs. Closed Rhinoplasty

The nose is the central focal point of the human face. When we converse with one another, our eyes invariably and subconsciously drift between the eyes, the nose, and the lips. Because the nose is such a prominent feature of our face, it is critical that the nose not only…

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Charleston Plastic Surgeon Introduces New Dermal Filler Technique to Help Erase Fine Lines

Dr. Ram Kalus announces his new technique for reducing the appearance of fine lines utilizing cosmetic injectable dermal fillers diluted with topical anesthetic. Charleston, SC — Traditionally used to help correct moderate to severe facial volume loss, one of the tell-tale signs of aging, dermal fillers and cosmetic injectables are…

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