What Are My Facial Rejuvenation Options?

Today there are more techniques, both surgical and non-surgical, than ever before to address the changes seen in the aging face. First and foremost is consideration of accumulated skin damage from sun, wind, tobacco, etc. A proper skin analysis would reveal how to best approach a preparative regimen that might include proper cleansing formulas, hydrating agents, and skin revitalization creams.

Second, there are multiple energy-based (non-surgical devices) that can help improve skin tightening that reduces the appearance of fine and coarse wrinkles. These include radiofrequency (“RF”) and light-based devices such as Intense Pulsed Light (“IPL”) or fractionated lasers, either Erbium or CO2. Most have minimal down time and all are performed in an office setting without the need for general anesthesia.

Third, as we age we tend to see two principal changes in the face. The skin and soft tissues tend to give way to gravity and descend over time, but we also lose volume. When you look at a child or adolescent you think of round cheeks. It turns out that a bit more fat in our faces can contribute to a more youthful appearance. Therefore, there is a role for injectables such as various fillers to restore volume, and neurotoxins such as BOTOX® Cosmetic, to help weaken the muscles that contribute to permanent, deep-set wrinkles.

For more severe changes, even the surgical options are more plentiful today than ever before. Not only do we still perform the familiar facelift or neck lift to correct significant sagging or a “turkey neck,” but we are also capable of transferring fat from the tummy or thighs (wherever it is less desirable) to the temples, cheeks, lips, or even to wrinkles and folds that might want to be eliminated. Often, a combination of surgical and non-surgical treatments is combined in a unique and customized treatment plan to suit your particular needs or circumstances.

For more information regarding the various surgical and non-surgical options for facial rejuvenation, please explore our website, or contact Plastic Surgery of the Carolinas at 843-881-3881 to schedule an appointment to see what option or combination of treatments might be best for you.

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