How Long Does Swelling Last After ThermiTight™?


Following the ThermiTight™ skin tightening treatment, some initial swelling in the targeted region can be expected. For the majority of patients, this post-treatment symptom typically lasts about one to two weeks, though it does not usually result in any restrictions from normal daily routines and activities (such as work, school, running errands, etc.). In certain instances, this swelling may also be accompanied by some degree of bruising and/or tingling; however, just like swelling, these side effects should gradually subside over time and not pose an issue to completing and/or participating in most everyday activities.

Ultimately, every individual heals differently, so the amount and duration of any swelling or other post-treatment symptoms will be unique to each patient. During a consultation, Dr. Ram Kalus can provide a more personalized outline of what to expect based on your needs, goals, and the specific area of the face or body being targeted during treatment.

For more information about ThermiTight™, or if you would like to schedule an appointment at our office, please don’t hesitate to contact us today.

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